Raising the masts...

Press ESC to close this help window

  • Ctrl-? - Show this help
  • Ctrl-s - Save
  • Ctrl-m - Toggle sizing of the editor window between 50% and last resize
  • F6, Shift-F6 - Cycle focus through regions
  • F7, Ctrl-Enter - Run the definitions window
  • F11 - Insert image
  • Ctrl-Left - Move cursor left by one word
  • Ctrl-Right - Move cursor right by one word
  • Alt-Left - If cursor is just before a right-parenthesis or end keyword, move cursor left to matching delimiter; otherwise move cursor left by one word
  • Alt-Right - Like Alt-Left, but moving right.
  • Esc Left - (two key sequence) synonym for Alt-Left, in case Alt key is in use by browser
  • Esc Right - (two key sequence) synonym for Alt-Right.

Toolbar region navigation

  • Esc - Exit toolbar submenu (if open) or region
  • Left, Right - Traverse toolbar top-level menu
  • Up, Down - Traverse toolbar submenus